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Integration of the solar energy with residential buildings within smart cities - gulf countries: Comparison of masdar and al falah projects

In most cases, the new ways are evaluated as more harmful to the environment until Solar energy proves otherwise. The internal systems in buildings operate in various forms of power, such as oil, gas, and coal, which cause harm to the Environment. This thesis shows that the luxury in residential homes and solar systems does not conflict with the idea of a perfect ecosystem. This dissertation defines solar power systems applied in Housing inside intelligent cities. The fact that per capita consumption in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries is high compared to the world, solar energy is available most of the year. This thesis aims to identify solar systems compatible with residential buildings in GCC intelligent cities by literature review and case study methodology. There are many types of renewable energy, including wind, fuel cell, Bioenergy, Geothermal, and solar, described in detail with the challenges. In line with the subject of the thesis mentioning all aspects of solar energy and knowing the main ways to generate power. The Solar power utilization in residential buildings for water heating systems in the passive and active methods, heating and cooling systems, and solar optical Technology. Through the years, solar energy transitions from one form to another in line with the evolution of life. Reaching the top in the next period analyzes the main factors for developing future cities in terms of renewable energy Development, network, and communication technologies sector. The house needs a system that connects technologies with an operating power system, either a hybrid or cogeneration. Housing in intelligent cities is different in design from other buildings causes diversity in building methods and careful selection of materials. Referring to Masdar in Abu Dhabi as a smart city case study applying solar energy's highest buildings standards. Al Falah city is another case study analysis to find solutions and ways to support ordinary residential communities and connect smart residential communities with solar systems. The effective solar residential system in a smart city is sequences steps including the infrastructure, transportation, sensors, internet connection, and security. The integrated smart ecosystem provides residents with high luxury and is environmentally friendly.