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A Study in The Role of Ephemeral Ephemeralization in The Sustainability of Architecture Spaces

One of the most significant issues that most cities throughout the world face is the process of sustaining and preserving resources, effort, and time. Therefore, the challenge is how to access active and effective architectural spaces while reducing resource waste, time, effort, and spending as well as using modern technological methods to excite and motivate the recipient and thereby achieve the design goal with the least amount of resources. Hence the concept of Ephemeralization, because of the world's acceleration and digital technological progress. That means ephemeral architecture can be achieved through the sustainability of time, resources, effort, and cost while attaining a high level of beauty and luxury for ephemeral architecture to operate as a catalyst for architectural spaces and to capitalize on the property to produce excitement and appreciation. That’s way the research problem was (lack of understanding of the concept of ephemeralization in general and its mechanisms within ephemeral architecture and sustainability architecture in particular, and its role in stimulating and sustainable the place and its repercussions on the local community), and the research will work to achieve its goal by (recognizing the impact of ephemerization on architectural spaces and its role in stimulating architectural space). As a result, the mechanisms of ephemeralization and ephemeral architecture, as well as their relationship to sustainability, will be defined by identifying previous studies that touched on ephemeralization concepts, as well as some architectural applications that clarify the role of ephemeralization as a catalyst for architectural spaces.